Roger Waters TOur us and them

A tour themed mixture of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters material spanning 50 years, with 25% new material from his new album - Is this the life we really want? A legendary live performance with a immersive sensory experience featuring state of the art quadraphonic sound with a never before attempted visual production. 

Roger Waters Merchandise
Roger Waters Tickets
Roger Waters Tickets
Tour Dates

Complete Tour Date information and tickets for Roger Waters Us and Them 2017-2018 Tour. Discount available for a limited time.

Roger Waters Tour
New Album

Information and updates about Roger Waters new album - Is this the life we really want? 25% of the new material will be first heard during the tour dates.

Roger Waters Tour Dates
Roger Waters New Album

Roger Waters Us and Them Tour and is this the life we really want merchandise including tour apparel, compact discs, and digital.

Ticket Details

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Roger Waters Tour